Unpenji Temple Ropeway

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    Unpenji Temple Ropeway

    Experience, Tourism

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    A large-scale, high-speed ropeway that carries up to 101 people over 2.6 km in only seven minutes. Enjoy the thrill and speed as you travel through the air for those minutes. Without a doubt you'll be moved by the grand panorama stretching out to the Seto Inland Sea. Round trip price: Adults 2,200 yen, 13-18 years old 1,650 yen, 12 and under 1,100 yen.

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    1974-57 Marui, Onohara-cho, Kanonji

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    (Mar. to Nov.) 7:20-17:00
    (Dec. to Feb.) 8:00-17:00

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    Open daily

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  • パスポート提示で小学生料金になります
    Show your passport and
    pay a special fare of 1,000 JPY
    for a round trip ride!