Yotsuya Simon Doll Museum-TanOuSou

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    Yotsuya Simon Doll Museum-TanOuSou

    Experience, Tourism

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    Art museum displaying the works of dollartist Yotsuya Simon. "Sanuki Soy Sauce Drawings Museum by Tsuyoshi Ozawa" and "Kamada Foundation Museum" are known together as the Kamada Museum. You can view different works of art and other historical materials at these three facilities.

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    1-6-35 Honmachi, Sakaide

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    10:00 ~ 16:00

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    Monday to Thursday

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  • 「鎌田ミュージアムスタンプラリー」の参加者にオリジナルクリアファイルまたは『鎌田醤油』のだし醤油(200ml)をプレゼント!
    Participants in the Kamada Museum Stamprary will receive an original file folder or 200ml bottle of Kamada soy sauce for free!