Self-Photo Studio MOANA

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    Self-Photo Studio MOANA


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    Experience Japanese culture in Takamatsu! Dress up as a ninja or put on a yukata (summer kimono) and get ready for a photo shoot! You can take a self portrait in a Japan-themed booth, a Kawaii booth, or in a studio with many different scenes. We also offer a furoshiki-bag workshop, where we make bags using traditional Japanese wrapping cloths (furoshiki). Come create Japanese memories with us in this extraordinary environment.
    *By reservation only. ¥2,000 per person.

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    985-11 Gotocho, Takamatsu-shi

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    Line Account: ega0254o

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    No regular closing days

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  • お一人様に一つずつ、日本のお土産プレゼント!
    One small Japanese souvenir per person!