Sanshu Izutsu Residence San-no-Kura

  • Store name

    Sanshu Izutsu Yashiki San-no-Kura

    Experience, Tourism

  • Shop appeal

    Using local Wasanbon Sugar, you can try your hand at molding sugar just like the artisans.
    This is the place to experience original Wasanbon Sugar.
    You can buy a variety of souvenirs, including Wasanbon Sugar.

  • Street address

    2163 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City

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  • Holiday

    Wednesdays(open on national holidays)

  • Method of payment

  • 地元東かがわ引田の古い街並みを描いた絵ハガキを一枚選んでプレゼント。
    You can choose and receive free of charge a postcard depicting an old townscape of Hiketa area