Sanshu Izutsu Yashiki San-no-Kura

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    Sanshu Izutsu Yashiki San-no-Kura

    Experience, Tourism

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    Made with local wasanbon pastry, you can try your hand at crafting these confectioneries using the moulds used by the craftsmen. This is the site of he original wasanbon master. There is a range of souvenir goods all incorporating wasanbon.

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    2163 Hiketa, Higashi Kagawa

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    (Open for Public Holidays)

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  • 地元東かがわ引田の古い街並みを描いた絵ハガキを一枚選んでプレゼント。
    Choice of one postcard
    showing local
    Higashi Kagawa
    Hiketa downtown
    landscape present