Takeuchi Shokudo

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    Takeuchi Shokudo

    dinner, lunch, Restaurant, 丼

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    Birthplace of one of Kagawa's specialties, the kashiwa (chicken) butter rice bowl. This mouth-wateringly addictive blend of aromatic soy sauce, butter, and black pepper always has rave reviews. Pile lots of Sichuan pepper on top for a different twist! Enjoy an old-time eatery feel.

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    1-11-13 Nishikimachi, Takamatsu

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    11:30-14:00, 17:00-21:00

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  • Method of payment

  • "「かしわバター丼(大)」
    "Discount on kashiwa butter rice bowl (large)
    750 JPY → 700 JPY "