Food and Sake(Liquor) Natsu

  • Store name

    Food and Sake(Liquor) Natsu

    dinner, Restaurant

  • Shop appeal

    Renovated into a Izakaya using a former bank and the vault is used as a private dining room. Delicious aromas waft out of the kitchen to the large tatami dining area. This is a fully authentic, traditional Japanese space where you can enjoy delicious foods and sake.

  • Street address

    1-4-10 Kawaramachi, Takamatsu

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  • Business hours

    18:00pm-1:00am; 18:00pm-23:00pm for Sundays and National Holidays

  • Holiday

    No regular holidays

  • Method of payment


  • お料理注文で
    One free soft drink or low-sugar high-ball with your food order