Udon noodle teahouse Tentekomai

  • Store name

    Udon noodle teahouse Tentekomai

    lunch, Restaurant, udon

  • Shop appeal

    Built in the Edo period in 1850, this 150 years old building is the oldest in this temple town.
    Enjoy the power of authentic Sanuki udon noodles in a historical and classy environment, surrounded by ancient trees.
    Delicious and very inexpensive! Families, groups, etc.
    Even though it is a self-serve restaurant, you can dine in comfort at Tentekomai.

  • Street address

    717 Kotohira Town, Nakatadogun

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  • Business hours

    9:30-16:00(May close early if run out of stock)

  • Holiday

    No regular closing days

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