Soba Izakaya Tokuichi

  • Store name

    Soba Izakaya Tokuichi

    dinner, Restaurant

  • Shop appeal

    Fifty-years after its renovation, this old house is a lovely space were you can enjoy hand-made soba noodles, dishes crafted from local vegetables and seafood, and delicious sake. Using special soba flour, the Edomae Nijuhachi Soba gives the aroma and texture of an authentic experience. There are many other dishes and all of them go with both sake and shochu spirits.

  • Street address

    5-9 Marugamemachi, Takamatsu

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  • Business hours

    17:30pm-24:00 midnight, 17:30pm-23:00pm for Sun-National Holidays

  • Holiday

    No regular holidays

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  • お料理注文で
    1 free soft drink or low-sugar high-ball with your food order