Ice Bistro Hirai

  • Store name

    Ice Bistro Hirai

    cafe, Restaurant, お土産

  • Shop appeal

    Ice cream is the main feature at this bistro. The many flavors of ice cream are lined up like jewels in the freezer display. The ice creams change to reflect seasonal colors. There will always be a new flavor waiting for you to try. We eagerly await ice cream aficionados!

  • Street address

    8-3 Shioyamachi, Takamatsu

  • Phone number


  • Business hours

    10:00am-20:00pm (Winter Time 11/15-3/31: 10:00am-19:00pm)

  • Holiday

    No regular holidays

  • Method of payment


  • ショップ限定 アイスジェム1個
    One free original ice gem