Konpira Purin

  • Store name

    Konpira Purin

    cafe, Restaurant, お土産

  • Shop appeal

    The newest specialty treat for the Kotohiragu Shrine pilgrimage—our new yet familiar "Konpira Purin" custard pudding. We sell six types of pudding to suit your taste, from the traditional firm type to our latest developments, as well as parfaits and soft-serve ice cream. Photo spots are available inside, so stop by and make some memories!

  • Street address

    716-5 Kotohiracho, Nakatadogun

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  • Business hours

    9:30-17:30, Sat., Sun., national holidays 9:30-18:00

  • Holiday

    Open daily

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  • 香川県綾上高原農場でとれる濃厚なそれいゆ卵や北海道産純生クリームなどのこだわりの材料から生まれる最高の美味しさをぜひ。
    Enjoy the peak of deliciousness, created from select ingredients such as Hokkaido-made cream and rich "soleil eggs" from Takahara Farm in Ayauta, Kagawa.