Kamaage Udon OKAJIMA Takamatsu Branch

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    Kamaage Udon OKAJIMA Takamatsu Branch

    lunch, Restaurant, udon

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    This restaurant is proud of its firm noodles and special soup that uses Hokkaido konbu seaweed and Ibuki baby sardines. The kama-age Udon is of course the most popular dish. Enjoy with a selection from the long list of side dishes.

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    1-4-3 Kotobukicho Chuodori Bldg. 1F Kitagawa, Takamatsu City

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    No regular holidays

  • Method of payment

  • ちくわの磯部揚げプレゼント
    Free order of chikuwa isobe-yaki.
    *Cannot be used with any other coupon, one coupon per customer (only customers dining in).