Anzai Seimenjo

  • Store name

    Anzai Seimenjo

    lunch, Restaurant, udon

  • Shop appeal

    Udon shop located inside Home Center. The "White Curry Udon" on the signboard menu is just a bit spicy - a taste you can only get here. Ramen and ice cream are also for sale.

  • Street address

    2105-8 inside Nishimura Joy Yashima Yashima-cho, Takamatsu

  • Phone number


  • Business hours

    10:00-16:00 (udon available until 15:00)

  • Holiday


  • Method of payment

  • うどん注文の方にちくわ天1つサービス!
    One free piece of chikuwa tempura with any Udon order.