Sakanaya san no Izakaya KITAJIMA SHOTEN SAKABA

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    Sakanaya san no Izakaya KITAJIMA SHOTEN SAKABA

    dinner, Restaurant

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    This izakaya is run by a fish dealer which means that you will enjoy incredibly fresh fish dishes. The chef gets all his fish and vegetables fresh at the morning market every day, so you can fully enjoy the delious flavors of Sanuki. There are fresh fish dished prepared in various ways, as well as the famous Sanuki "chicken-on-the-bone", and a large selection of sakes.

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    4-9, Hyogomachi, Takamatsu City

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    Closed on Sundays and national holidays

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  • お会計総額より5%OFF
    5% off from total bill
    *limited to purchases over 3,000JPY