Local Creative Cuisine Koyomi

  • Store name

    Local Creative Cuisine Koyomi


  • Shop appeal

    This restaurant offers local creative dishes flavored by the fish, vegetables and other ingredients that have a long history in the area. The Shosdoshima writer Tsuboi Sakae wrote about the food and customs of Shodoshima, including the soy, somen and olives.

  • Street address

    1816-1 NIshimura Kou, Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun

  • Phone number


  • Business hours

    11:30~14:00(LO 13:30)、18:00~21:00 

  • Holiday

    Monday/Tuesday (open on Public Holidays)

  • Method of payment

  • 100 JPY off drink coupon
    for guests eating in,
    or 100 JPY mini-dessert
    *Guest without reservations can choose from
    the set menu only if there are open seats


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