Udon Ichiba Hyogomachi

  • Store name

    Udon Ichiba Hyogomachi


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    Using the premium flour for Udon and we knead to its best condition. Then leave it for a day for better fermentation. Local people enjoy having authentic Udon here! We also serve "Chicken on the bone" which is one of the most delicious local foods in Kagawa. We also provide information on foreign languages.

  • Street address

    2-8 1F Hiranoya Building Hyogomachi, Takamatsu

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  • Business hours

    10:00-21:00 *Sunday, holidays10:00-20:00

  • Holiday

    No holidays (closed for New Years)

  • Method of payment

  • "10% off" of
    Chewy and shiny Udon (semi-dried)
    for souvenir (expires in 2 months)
    *No discount on the bill for dining at the restaurant


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